Mister Magic Anti-odor Antibacterial Multipack Handwash


Mister Magic Anti-odor Antibacterial Multipack Handwash is the offer of Camilla’s Shop to counteract unpleasant odors on your hands when cooking, saving you money.

3 packs of 300 ml each

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Mister Magic Handwash Anti-odor Antibacterial Multipack is the soap to counteract unpleasant odors on the hands when cooking. Handling odorous foods such as onions, fish, garlic, etc. a persistent odor remains on the hands. Even after washing them repeatedly.

Mister Magic Anti-odor Antibacterial Multipack Handwash, formulation:

Mister Magic Kitchen Handwash, thanks to the innovative formula containing ricinoleate zinc, eliminates and prevents unpleasant odors.

Its molecular structure works by capturing the molecules that produce the bad smell, making sure that it is not perceived. It also releases a pleasant scent with natural extracts of mint and citrus.

How to use

Zero Odori Lavamani Cucinais used like a normal soap, and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin.

The product is also suitable for professional use.

Three reasons to choose Zero Odori Kitchen Handwash

  1. Anti-odor formula with antibacterialfunction.
  2. Contains natural ingredients with mint and citrus extracts.
  3. Neutralizes food odors (fish, onions ..) respecting the skin’s ph.

Specific characteristics

  • Contains natural ingredients with antibacterial function.
  • Ideal for daily and professional use.
  • Practical and not bulky bottle of 300 ml.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Gentle on the skin.

Respect for the environment

Zero Odori Mister Magicpays particular attention to the environment. In fact, its formula is enriched with detergents of natural origin derived from the fermentation of vegetables.

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