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Orphea Anti-Food Moths is an adhesive trap for food protection. The savings format that we propose consists of 4 packs in Multipack .

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Orphea Anti-Food Moths is an adhesive trap for food protection.

Food supplies could be targeted by grubs and moths. From the tradition of Orphea in finding natural solutions for the protection of garments, a product with unique pluses for the protection of food is born.

The Orphea traps, free of insecticides and odorless, naturally eliminate the butterflies of the food and prevent their development, thanks to the attractive action of a specific pheromone distributed on the adhesive to which they remain glued. The only ones enhanced with an optical trap that multiplies the attractive effect. Thanks to the new foldable shape, food moths remain trapped and not seen.

Effective for up to 3 months, after which it is necessary to replace the product if it becomes excessively full of butterflies before this deadline.

Orphea Anti-Moth Food, how to use:

Open the sealed envelope and take out the cards. Detach the protective strip on the outside of the cardboard and place the product in the desired location making it adhere to a smooth surface thanks to its adhesive band.
Remove the protective sheet, inside, thus exposing the adhesive surface to activate the product. Dispose of in the dustbin.

Remove the protective sheet, take the trap from both ends and fold them together as indicated on the trap so that the black optical patterns remain inside. To keep the product in good condition, do not expose to freezing temperatures and temperatures above 40 °.

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